North City Public Art and Cultural Activation Plan

North City. Photo by Nat Warr.

The Roundabout. Photo by Brian Doll Photography.

Sea Breeze Properties
San Marcos, CA

Public Art and Cultural Activation Program

San Marcos, California is a vibrant and growing city in San Diego County, home to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). North City, a new mixed-use development central to all North County San Diego, encompasses 200 acres of residential units, hotels, retail, and office space connected through public spaces.

DVDL is working with Sea Breeze Properties to create urban principles and an activation plan with programs that combine public art, culture, mental and physical well-being, and public space to be integrated into the ongoing, multi-phase developments. Through site analysis, stakeholder interviews, and benchmarking, DVDL is looking to answer the question “what is a vibrant public space?” in the context of San Marcos. Additionally, we are developing financial models, staffing structure, community engagement guidelines, placemaking principles, and the cadence of a public art and cultural program.