Brooklyn Museum

Outdoor screening of Juve Nite, in honor of J’Ouvert and the West Indian American Day Parade. Brooklyn Museum. Photo by Kolin Mendez Photography.

Guided gallery tour for students hosted by the Brooklyn Museum Education department. Photo by Kolin Mendez Photography.

Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, NY

Museum/Cultural Institution

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is a public, civic institution that strives to create inspiring encounters with art that expand the ways we see ourselves, the world, and its possibilities. With its over 500,000 object collection, the museum offers daring and inspirational exhibitions, programming, and educational opportunities.

DVDL is leading the museum’s larger efforts to redesign its galleries and gathering spaces to better promote inclusivity and connectivity, as well as offer a more accessible and people-focused 21st-century visitor experience. DVDL is developing a comprehensive plan that considers fresh modes of engagement with the collection, alongside new spaces and services to draw in broader audiences. Our spatial recommendations and activation plan will also offer innovative solutions to increase readability of the museum, and changes that allow the building to breathe again. DVDL’s process is rooted in deep stakeholder engagement and includes a series of workshops and interviews along with spatial analysis and forecasting research.