Collaborations With Architects

The Beacon: A New Landmark for Portland Museum of Art design competition. Rendering by MVRDV

Reimagining the Dallas Museum of Art International Design Competition, View of New Entrance, Rendering by Weiss/Manfredi

Architectural Competitions
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Building Inclusivity, Connectivity and Engagement

DVDL collaborates actively with architects, serving as creative consultants across various building projects. We elevate designs with innovative strategies and spatial solutions, transcending conventional boundaries to focus on enhancing user experiences through a distinctive design perspective. Our office places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, connectivity, and a forward-thinking 21st-century approach, we delve into fresh engagement with spaces, introduce novel elements, and enhance services to create dynamic building environments. 

Our approach is deeply rooted in stakeholder engagement, employing a comprehensive process that combines workshops, interviews, spatial analysis, and forecasting research. This meticulous process ensures the creation of building environments that not only reflect dynamic design principles but also resonate with the evolving needs of the community. DVDL’s commitment to enriching the built environment extends beyond traditional consulting, shaping vibrant and responsive spaces that contribute to the well-being of the individuals they serve.

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