New Cultures

Exhibition Example from a Research Trip; Image: David van der Leer

Exhibition Example from a Research Trip; Image: David van der Leer

Art Institute
New York, NY

Cultural Institution

Over the past two years we have been leading the development of a brand-new institution from the ground up. Inspired by the shifting needs of communities in the Northeast, this institution will be an interdisciplinary cultural organization for all ages and backgrounds. The museum—a term too staid for the new concept we are creating—will be partnered with, and made for, socially-minded art collectors. Taking inspiration from existing institutions, but aiming to take that inspiration a step further, we are focused on creating a venue that brings together artists, educators, and academic institutions in a collaborative program that builds community and creates opportunity.


For this project, “from the ground up” truly means from the ground up. Over the past two years we hosted several research trips for the founding collectors to look at examples of cultural institutions nationally and internationally. We have lead the strategic planning process to establish a mission statement, and subsequent to that, through analysis collection, qualitative and quantitative forecasting work, workshops, and events, we were able to pin-point what is missing in the current cultural landscape and build a plan to move this institution toward filling those gaps. In addition, we hosted a large convening of 25 curators, museum directors, artists, and architects from around the world to assess what the institution could—and wanted to—become.


In its next stages, DVDL will be leading the development of the physical space. This includes design brief developments and selection processes for choosing the best designers and architects for the institution. DVDL will be overseeing team structure, narrowing down site selection, finding partnerships, procuring government funding, and managing budgets and financial planning.

Cultural Forecasting

-Intuitive assessments from a cultural and institutional context

-Horizon scans with qualitative and quantitative research and context interpretation

-Future scenarios and impact assessment

Institutional and Program Strategies

– Curatorial Masterplan development

– Program development

Design Process Development

– Space / Design Analysis and future Space Needs

– Initial International Design References Research 

– Pre Designer Selection Research