Jacksonville Riverfront Activation

Jacksonville Riverfront Activation Plan (2022), rendering of South Bank by WXY (design partner).

Riverfront Activation Visioning Session (2021), led by Groundwork Jacksonville (community engagement partner).

Jacksonville River Waterfronts - Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Jacksonville, FL


Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Groundwork Jacksonville

Designing a People-Focused Waterfront 

In 2021, DVDL was invited by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to lead the development of a robust activation plan for the downtown waterfront in Jacksonville, Florida. 

In close collaboration with the foundation, other consultants, and local partners, the process engaged city officials, business owners, developers, local communities, and key stakeholders throughout the city to propose ideas to create a vibrant and unique downtown waterfront linked to Greater Jacksonville.

The final activation plan unfolds as a holistic vision, seamlessly weaving public and green spaces along the riverfront with lively programming, exciting events, and a mix of daily, weekly, and seasonal activities. There is a particular emphasis placed on programs that combine culture, mental and physical well-being, and public space. The plan includes a public realm design toolkit to facilitate programming and placemaking, as well as recommendations for governance and fundraising. DVDL is currently collaborating on city-backed design projects for a series of riverfront parks based on the plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Program Development

Strategic Planning Creative Direction

Public Space Activation Strategies