Justice in Design

Visual of Justice in Design Plan; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute

Justice Hubs; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute

Justice in Design
New York, NY

2017-2018 (Developed as part of Van Alen Institute employment)

The Justice in Design report presents innovative design and programming guidelines for future borough-based New York City jails—termed Justice Hubs. Justice Hubs are facilities that are more responsive to the needs of detainees, officers, lawyers, visitors, and community members. These hubs create healthy environments and support rehabilitation for incarcerated or detained individuals while simultaneously providing neighborhoods with new public amenities.

By facing questions like, how can we create jails that are more healthy, rehabilitative, and respectful to the incarcerated and the communities that interact with them? Justice in Design arranged workshops, research initiatives, and community connections to create better conditions for folks in these scenarios. 

Cultural Forecasting

– Intuitive assessments of cultural and institutional context

– Qualitative and quantitative research and context interpretation

– Future scenarios and impact assessment

Institutional and Program Strategies

– Vision and mission strategies from moonshots to incremental change

– Content and program ideas from concepts to implementation

Design Process Development

– Design brief development

– Selection process development

– Jury and Advisory Committee development

– Team structuring (from project managers to capital campaign consultants)

– Team liaison

Justice in Design Workshop; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute