Keeping Current

Flooding in South Florida; Photo: Scott McIntyre; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute

Keeping Current: North Miami; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute

Keeping Current
Miami, FL

2018-2019 (Developed as part of Van Alen Institute employment)

Keeping Current: A Sea Level Rise Challenge for Greater Miami  was a series of open design competitions inviting interdisciplinary teams to develop solutions and ideas using the lenses of economy, ecology, and equity to adapt to sea level rise.

The work involved collaboration with local municipalities in the greater Miami area, along with elected officials, academics, business leaders, community advocates, and residents.

The South Florida region has become emblematic of the threats associated with climate change. Just three feet of sea level rise would leave a substantial part of South Florida under water. New ideas for the built environment, development, and the six million residents are urgently needed. The region must transform its infrastructure to protect everything from drinking water to homes and businesses from rising seas.

In recognition of the magnitude of these challenges, Van Alen Institute initiated Keeping Current to enhance resilience in the greater Miami area and create visionary and implementable design solutions to sea level rise.

Cultural Forecasting

– Intuitive assessments of cultural and institutional context

– Qualitative and quantitative research and context interpretation

– Future scenarios and impact assessment

Institutional and Program Strategies

– Vision and mission strategies from moonshots to incremental change

– Content and program ideas from concepts to implementation

Design Process Development

– Design brief development

– Selection process development

– Jury and Advisory Committee development

– Team structuring (from project managers to capital campaign consultants)

– Team liaison

Climate Design Lab; Photo: Scott McIntyre; Courtesy of Van Alen Institute