Publisher's Loft

The angled bookshleves hide the books when viewed straight-on. Photo: Kevin Kunstadt

View of the hallway, diagonally-laid bathroom tiles mirror the wood floor panelling. Photo: Kevin Kunstadt.

Publisher's Loft
Brooklyn, New York


Occasionally DVDL DD provides design matchmaking services for private residential projects. The clients for this loft have an expansive collection of books, including an extensive cookbook selection. The final design by Buro Koray Duman uses the library as the home’s main organizing feature.

The architect has wrapped the full perimeter of the apartment with custom designed shelving set at a 45-degree angle. The angle allows the book collection to be viewed from one direction and, from the other, a three-dimensional wall animates the space as natural light changes throughout the day. The diagonal, created by the shelves, provides a motif extended throughout the space with custom tile work and wood flooring.

Design Process Development

  • – Space program and design brief development review
  • – Selection process development
  • – Design reviews

Living room view, photo: Kevin Kunstadt.